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Research-Campus MODAL


September 19, 2019
Within the MODAL research campus (, OGE works together with researchers from the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) to develop a navigation system for dispatchers. Two critical milestones have now been reached in the project: A successful acceptance test completed the integration of the dispatcher navigation system with the production data. As planned, the project will...
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1900 schoolchildren of the 2nd to 6th grade and thus 200 more than last year participated from 07.-11. September at this year’s Children’s University of Freie Universität Berlin. The classes come from 78 schools of all twelve districts of Berlin and the surrounding countryside. They can try out experiments, lectures and group work as young...
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At the Meeting of the Japanese OR Society in Hiroshima Yuji Shinano was awarded the 2019 Research Award of the Japanese Operations Research Society. Yuji Shinano is working in the SynLab of the Research Campus MODAL on massively parallel solvers that are able to solve previsouly unsolvable instances of Integer Optimization Problems. Congratulations! Link to...
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