G-RIPS Projects 2016

The sponsors and projects for 2016 include:

1. MODAL AG (Biotechnology)

Company: The MODAL AG (MAG) is a ZIB spin-off that works as a bridge between research and industry. MAG offers the students in this project access to real world data and expertise from leading hospitals and companies working in this field. Within the MAG infrastructure, students will have the opportunity to experience creation of industry-strength technology and software solutions.

Project: Building on state-of-the-art database technology, students will develop new machine-learning techniques to analyze medical massive data sets. First, students will learn the necessary biological foundation needed to successfully complete the project. They will then use data from a large clinical trial to model medical phenomena based on ideas from the areas of compressed sensing, machine learning, and network-of-networks theory.


2. Deutsche Bahn (Public Transport):

Company: Deutsche Bahn (DB) is the main German railway company. It transports on average 5.4 million customers every day over a rail network that consists of 33,500 km of track, and 5,645 train stations. DB operates in over 130 countries world-wide. It provides its customers with mobility and logistical services, and operates and controls the related rail, road, ocean and air traffic networks.

Project: You will learn to think about the railway network at DB from a planner's perspective. Making up ICE rotations sounds easy at first, but you will soon find out that a lot of constraints have to be taken into account and do not forget about the size of Germany's rail network! This makes finding and understanding suitable mathematical programming models a difficulty of its own. It will be your daily business to deal with huge data sets.


3. 1000shapes (Therapy Planning):

Company: The project is in close collaboration with 1000shapes GmbH, a ZIB spin-off that transfers research in life sciences into products for clinical applications. Within the project, algorithms are to be developed within an existing software framework and tested on clinical image data. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to perform research in medical image computing within the ZIB research group therapy planning while obtaining professional support from 1000shapes in software development and implementing algorithms within existing software frameworks. Within the project, students will have the opportunity to experience medical research in combination with industry-strength software development.

Project: Building on a large medical image database, students will investigate new machine-learning techniques, i.e. the application of regression forests, to analyze and classify features or disease patterns in medical image data.


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