G-RIPS Projects 2017

The sponsors and projects for 2017 include:

1. JCMwave GMBH (Nanotechnology)

Company: JCMwave GmbH is a ZIB spin-off which develops and provides state-of-the-art finite element software. Within the JCMwave infrastructures the students of this project will have the opportunity to work with the newest development versions of finite-element software, to discuss with the development team in regular meetings, and to get an insight to industrial nanotechnology design challenges.

Project: You will learn how to model and simulate nanophotonic setups. The underlying physical model is typically Maxwell’s wave equation in three spatial dimensions. A main challenge in such simulations is to obtain simulation results with upper bounds to numerical discretization errors within short computation times.


2. Satalia / NPcomplete Ltd. (Data Science):

Company: Satalia is an optimization solutions company develping SolveEngine, a platform that aims to make optimization technologies more accessible to practitioners. The company also produces stand-alone optimization tools, which it uses in some of its consulting projects for customers worldwide. Across the company, Satalia uses a diverse set of exact and heuristic algorithms such as satisfiability solving, mixed-integer linear programming, and constraint programming, both in general and problem-specific implementations. It is their declared mission to transfer cutting-edge optimization technology developed in academia to practice.

Project: Satalia's SolveEngine interfaces to a variety of optimization algorithms.  A given optimization problem can often be solved by many of these algorithms, but their performance can vary widely in practice. Predicting the best-performing solver on-the-fly and under limited response time is an unsolved question.  The aim of this project is to investigate and compare different machine learning techniques in order to select well-performing algorithms from instance features that can be collected with limited computational effort.


3. 1000shapes (Therapy Planning):

Company: The project is in close collaboration with 1000shapes GmbH, a ZIB spin-off that transfers research in life sciences into products for clinical applications. Within the project, algorithms are to be identified, developed/implemented, compared, and tested on data from various application domains. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to perform research in medical image computing and geometry processing within the ZIB research group Therapy Planning while obtaining professional support from 1000shapes in software development with insights into relevant applications. Within the project, students will have the opportunity to experience medical research under professional supervision in combination with industry-strength software development, with the goal of practical solutions and publication.

Project: Building on large medical image as well as a anthropometric 3D face databases, students will have the opportunity to investigate machine-learning approaches, i.e. deep learning, or the application of regression forests, to identify, analyze, and classify features or patterns based on medical images or geometric models.


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