BMBF Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Research-Campus MODAL

8th workshop of the BMBF initiative “Research Campus – public-private partnership for innovations”in Magdeburg

On May 12th, the 9 funded research campi met in the premises of the research campus STIMULATE (Solution Center for Image Guided Local Therapies) to exchange their experiences on the topic of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights). This took place after an inspiring keynote by jury member Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Melulis in three work phases, concluded with a presentation by patent attorney Dipl.-Ing. dr Norbert Struck; Of course, there was also a tour of highly interesting STIMULATE projects.
Each campus was asked to represent its topic with an object. The most important working tool of the research campus MODAL as a developer of digital systems for the optimization of data-driven processes is the computer. We have therefore brought boards from three supercomputers that have been used at our institute in the past/are currently being used/will be used in the future: Ralf Borndörfer (left) presents a vector register of a Cray X-MP from 1988, Sebastina Pokutta (middle) a board from the current HLRN IV supercomputer, and Ambros Gleixner (right) a board from the future quantum computer – he and the board are just a little indetermined in a different place …