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QUBO in the Forefront of Optimization Challenges

Prof. Hans Mittelmann of Arizona State University has added Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems to his widely recognized benchmarks. With the growing interest in quantum computing, QUBO has been put in the spotlight as a potential solution to complex optimization challenges; since quantum annealers can find approximate solutions to QUBOs The QuBowl QUBO and MaxCut solver, developed by the SynLab of the Research Campus MODAL in collaboration with the Department of Applied Algorithmic Intelligence Methods at ZIB and i2damo...
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15th Annual Meeting Photonic Devices (AMPD2023)

On 29-31 March 2023, the “15th Annual Meeting Photonic Devices” will take place at Zuse Institute Berlin. The AMPD 2023 workshop will focus on photonic devices, with an emphasis on numerical methods and on nanophotonics from fundamental research to applications. The aim is an active exchange of ideas, methods, and results between dynamic science and technology fields. Links: Annual Meeting Photonic Devices Computational Nano Optics @ ZIB
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Let’s SCIP it: A workshop to celebrate 20 years of Solving Constraint Integer Programs

Since its inception 20 years ago at Zuse Institute Berlin, SCIP has become one of the most versatile solvers and frameworks for research in mixed integer optimization. To celebrate the first recorded commit message documenting the start of SCIP’s development, a workshop was held to discuss past, present and future developments ( The workshop was held on November 4th, 2022 and featured two invited plenary talks alongside 16 presentations about current work from researchers around the world. Merve Bodur (University...
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