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ATMOS 2022 Best Paper Award goes to MobilityLab

Enrico Bortoletto, Niels Lindner and Berenike Masing (ZIB MobilityLab) have received the Best Paper Award at ATMOS 2022. Their contribution “Tropical Neighbourhood Search: A New Heuristic for Periodic Timetabling” introduces a novel algorithm for optimizing periodic timetables in public transport using the techniques of tropical geometry. ATMOS 2022, the 22nd Symposium on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modelling, Optimization, and Systems, is an international forum for researchers in the area of algorithms and optimization methods to facilitate planning and operational management...
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MODAL industry researcher becomes university lecturer

MODAL-Researcher Dr. habil. Timo Berthold has been awarded the “venia legendis” by TU Berlin. Timo will, from now on, serve as a lecturer and thesis advisor at TU Berlin in addition to his position as a Principal Engineer at the MODAL industry partner Fair Isaac Germany. His designation is another crucial step in the deep integration of public-private partnership research at MODAL, and we are delighted that Timo can bring his broad bandwidth of award winning academic research and hands-on practical development experience into teaching...
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G-RIPS program launched: We welcome nine international students for 8 weeks at ZIB

Since Monday, nine international students from the USA and Europe are taking part in the 7th edition of the G-RIPS summer program. The program is jointly organized by IPAM and ZIB and enables excellent students to work on projects that have both an academic core and a strong industrial connection. This year’s project are in the areas of optimization, AutoML for biomedicine and HPC and are based on the topics of the MODAL research campus and are supported by the...
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