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Marco Blanco defends thesis at FU Berlin

Marco Blanco successfully defended his dissertation “Optimization Algorithms for the Flight Planning Problem” at the Institute of Mathematics at Freie Universität Berlin on September 13, 2023. The Flight Planning Problem deals with computing the most fuel efficient and/or fastest routes for aircraft in dependence of the weather and other conditions. The aim is to take advantage of the jet stream, to avoid turbulences, to minimize overflight fees, or to bypass zones that should not be overflown. The thesis develops the...
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Max Huneshagen wins a Master’s thesis Award of the German Operations Research Society

The German Operations Research Society (GOR) awards prizes to outstanding Diploma and Master’s theses in the field of operations research at every annual meeting. In this year, the conference was held 29 August to 1 September 2023 in Hamburg, hosted by the University of Hamburg.   Three Master’s thesis awards were bestowed (in photographic order from left to right) upon Nils Mosis from the mathematics department at TU Darmstadt for his thesis “Lower Bounds for Simplex Pivot Rules via Markov...
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Kai Hoppmann-Baum wins GOR dissertation award

The German Operations Research Society (GOR) awards an annual prize for outstanding dissertations in Operations Research. One of the 2023 awardees is Kai Hoppmann-Baum for his thesis on “Mathematical programming for stable control and safe operation of gas transport networks”. The prize was awarded this year at the general meeting of the GOR at the University of Hamburg. Kai’s research, conducted at the MODAL EnergyLab, has unveiled a pioneering approach to support and accelerate the German energy transition. The crux...
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