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Kai Hoppmann-Baum wins GOR dissertation award

The German Operations Research Society (GOR) awards an annual prize for outstanding dissertations in Operations Research. One of the 2023 awardees is Kai Hoppmann-Baum for his thesis on “Mathematical programming for stable control and safe operation of gas transport networks”. The prize was awarded this year at the general meeting of the GOR at the University of Hamburg.

Kai’s research, conducted at the MODAL EnergyLab, has unveiled a pioneering approach to support and accelerate the German energy transition. The crux of Kai’s work revolves around the optimization of long-distance natural gas transmission networks. Employing innovative network station modeling techniques, Kai’s research has yielded a tri-level MIP model. The model serves as a decision support tool in determining critical global control decisions, with a primary goal of ensuring network stability in the face of fluctuating future inflow pressures, supplies, and demands. Furthermore, Kai’s forward-looking vision extends beyond natural gas networks, as the thesis delves into the technical and regulatory aspects of transitioning these networks into hydrogen transport networks. Developing novel algorithmic intelligence methods, Kai’s accomplishments mark a significant stride towards a sustainable energy future.


Link to Kai Hoppmann-Baum’s thesis on “Mathematical programming for stable control and safe operation of gas transport networks”: