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Research-Campus MODAL


May 31, 2024
BMBF’s Department 711 and Projektträger DESY visited the Research Campus MODAL on May 27th/28th, 2024. With a guided tour of the FUBIC construction site, a tour of the six labs of the research campus and the LISE supercomputer, as well as discussions with the campus management and its industrial partners, the MODAL presented its work...
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Pedro Maristany de las Casas successfully defended his dissertation “ New Multiobjective Shortest Path Algorithms“ at the Institute of Mathematics at Freie Universität Berlin on Mai 15, 2024. He developed the currently fastest algorithms for multicriteria shortest path optimization with three and more objectives for the 1-to-all, 1-to-1, and the time-dependent case, as well as...
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