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HTW Berlin kooperiert mit Zuse-Institut Berlin

Cooperation starts with a professorial appointment

Application-oriented mathematics and computer science – this is a focus of both the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) and the School of Computing, Communication and Business (FB 4) of the HTW Berlin. Both institutions will work closely together in teaching and research. The cooperation agreement provides for an intensive exchange in the field of discrete mathematics and mathematical optimization.

The first step has already been done by appointing a ZIB researcher as a professor at HTW Berlin. Mathematician Ambros Gleixner Ambros Gleixner will be teaching as a professor in the bachelor’s program in business mathematics starting in October. Gleixner has been a member of the Zuse Institute since 2008 and heads the research group “Mathematical Optimization Methods”, where he has played a major role in the development of state-of-the-art optimization methods.

“Mathematical optimization today is a key technology in many areas of technology and business. Its models and algorithms help to make the best possible use of limited resources. Their relevance will therefore continue to grow in the future,” says Gleixner. “I am looking forward to teaching this core competence at the HTW Berlin and developing it further with the students.” 

“We are very much looking forward to cooperating with HTW Berlin. We are united not only by the common goal of putting science into practice, but also by the promotion of the next generation of young scientists. Prof. Gleixner will play a key role in this cooperation between the two institutions,” says Prof. Sebastian Pokutta, Vice President of the Zuse Institute. 

For HTW President Prof. Dr. Carsten Busch “the pleasure is entirely on our side! Our School of Computing, Communication and Business for years has been strong in applied research, the acquisition of third-party funding and cooperation with partners. The Zuse Institute Berlin is not only a partner of the heart, but above all the cooperation opens many possibilities for joint projects and the education of students.” 

The idea is to promote young researchers through cooperative research projects, jointly supervised theses and student internships at ZIB.