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Research-Campus MODAL

MODAL-Team from research campus MODAL EnergyLab wins the General Graph Deepest Improvement Award from Graph Golf Competition 2021

Graph design has a wide range of applications in computer systems, including future supercomputers and future high-end datacenters. Computer network designers desire to find a graph with a small number of hops between any pair of vertices to have low latency. The order/degree problem is used for low-latency network design. Graph Golf is an international competition of the order/degree problem that has been organized yearly since 2015. Its goal is to assemble a catalog of the smallest-diameter graphs for every order/degree pair.

MODAL-Team, led by Robert Waniek, won the General Graph Deepest Improvement Award of Graph Golf 2021 competition. MODAL-Team is a collaboration of ZIB and TU Berlin in the research campus MODAL EnergyLab. More information about Graph Golf can be found via <>