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Research-Campus MODAL

5th ZIB-RIKEN-IMI-ISM MODAL Workshop on Optimization, Data Analysis and HPC in AI and 2nd UG Workshop

The 5th workshop of the cooperation between ZIB and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics (ISM) Tokyo and the Institute of Mathematics for Industry of Kyushu University, established in 2016, was held at the MODAL research campus from 27-09-30-21, for the first time as a virtual workshop due to the pandemic situation. Another sponsor was RIKEN, Japan’s largest interdisciplinary research institution.

Almost 50 lectures on the topics of the MODAL Labs formed the scientific program of the workshop. Speakers came from the MODAL Labs, from the cooperation partners, as well as from the scientific community and industry partners.

Thematically connected, the 2nd UG Workshop also took place virtually. This workshop served to disseminate the current applications of UG, a framework for the parallelization of branch-and-bound codes primarily developed in the SynLab of the research campus MODAL. Feedback from current and potential users on requirements for future functions was collected.