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IBOSS at the status seminar of the BMBF Mathematics Program

This year’s status seminar of the BMBF Mathematics Program took place on 19 and 20 November at the Maritim Hotel in Bonn. Twenty-one projects in the two funding lines “Healthy Living” and “Energy Turnaround” presented their results. This year, the focus was on the application perspective. The collaborative research initiative IBOSS (Information Based Optimization of Surgery Schedules) was presented by Dr. Joachim Gerst of the Charité hospital. His lecture described the practice of surgical planning, the challenges that arise there,...
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Towards Better Healthcare Planning: Joint IBOSS-ECMath Workshop on Healthcare Optimization

The first joint IBOSS-ECMath workshop on optimization methods in healthcare took place on 18.-19. October 2018 at the Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). It was organized and supported by ECMath and the MODAL AG. The research project Information-Based Optimization of Surgery Schedules (IBOSS) aims at developing fast algorithms to optimize for more efficient resource utilization in daily operating room schedules at hospitals. IBOSS is carried out by three research institutions: ZIB, Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Paderborn each contribute...
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1st Workshop “Networks and Dynamics of Social Systems”

The aim of this workshop is to provide a platform for scientific exchange across various disciplines that include – but are not limited to – computational social science, applied mathematics, network science, computer science, and sociophysics. It is meant to bring together scientists that work on perspectives for research in the area of “Networks and Dynamics of Social Systems”. The first and beginning of the second day are devoted to short talks (20min + 10min) highlighting promising directions for future...
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