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Research-Campus MODAL

Research Campus MODAL conducts 4th General Assembly

On November 16, 2017, the members of Research Campus MODAL met for their 4th general assembly in the Red Salon of ZB. After detailed reports about the successful work of the four labs of the research campus (BahnLab, GasLab, MedLab, SynLab), the assembly welcomed Visage Imaging GmbH as a new member; Visage contributes to MedLab with a research project that combines medical imaging and machine learning. Present at the 4th General Assembly were Norma Schüler (Administration office MODAL), Ralf Borndörfer (Head BahnLab/Dep. Head RC MODAL),  Ambros Gleixner (Dep. Head SynLab), Andreas Eisenblätter (atesio GmbH), Annerose Steinke (Head of Administration office Research Campus MODAL), Christoph Moll and Kurt Majewski (Siemens AG), Tim Conrad (Head MedLab), Timo Berthold (FICO Ltd.), Wolfram Sperber (FIZ Karlsruhe), Yen Vu (MODAL AG), Thorsten Koch (Head GasLab und SynLab), Stefan Vigerske (GAMS GmbH), Andreas Löbel (LBW GmbH), Hans Lamecker (1000shapes GmbH), Malte Westerhoff (Visage Imaging GmbH), Regina Telgmann (CiT GmbH).